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Why should candlesticks be used at weddings

In the wedding process, the program of lighting candles is divided into two parts. The first part is to ignite the family candle, the second part to ignite the candle in the middle of marriage. The second part is lit after the completion of the vows and the declaration of marriage.
The first part of the program can be held at this time lit candles, can also start a little earlier, for example in the new mother sit down before you can ignite, usually the new mother is finally sit down, the wedding began, when the mother can sit down, lit candles. first kind
The first part of a candle candle - groom (name) (name), the bride's life and their families, the candles will consist of both mother and friends or children (his candle 'name), (the candle lit their name).

white glass candle holder

The second part of the candle - groom (full name), bride (full name) will now ignite the same candle, representing them from now on into one life..
Or the second part of the candle - at this moment, the groom (full name) and the bride (full name) will ignite the candle of marriage by igniting the candle of the family which has been ignited. This way, representing them from now on, become one of the second categories of life
The first part of the candle - the two separate candles, lit by the families of the two families, represents the groom (full name) and the bride (full name) before this moment. Their candlelight represents the confidence, wisdom and love they receive from their parents. At this moment, they are separated from the candle burning, but in exchange vows, the bride and groom (name) (name) they will light the center of candles, representing them henceforth become one's life.

 stemless glass candle holder

The second part is the candle - the bride and groom are now lighting the candle in the middle, symbolizing their life as one. From now on, they have ideas for each other, and you will share the joy. When the candle in the middle of the candle is lit, the candles nearby continue to ignite, symbolizing that they still need to fully embrace the different characteristics of each other in order to benefit each other from achievement.
In the light the candle when you can play a piece of music, or by the choir, or individual. And all the congregation to sing poetry, can in fact be.
This procedure has been followed in foreign countries, and now there are more and more wedding lights into the candle lit process, after all, it represents a yearning for the future of a happy life.