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Why should the candlestick be used at the wedding

First, in the ancient Chinese has been married to her husband's family continuation of fireworks, so meaning the continuation of fireworks lit the candlestick. The family was full of expectation and love for his wife, the husband and wife two people expressed gratitude to the husband's family, two people to jointly lit a candle on the expression of two people will work together for the husband home jackleg.

Second, candlelight also represents the future of the two people. The light of the candlestick is just like the heart of unity, waiting for the new people to light the light of hope. At this moment, the new four in one hand, with the starting point of poker in front of friends together to light the candle a harmonious union lasting a hundred years. Candlelight also illuminates the couple future bright future.

After centuries of changes in the candles, the types and styles are constantly renovated, their lighting function has been weak, decorative use is increasingly prominent. Use the candle collection to decorate Home Furnishing, no need to follow the beaten track, as long as a little bit of sentiment and spirituality, you can inadvertently is added to a warm and romantic life.

Second, candles represent the lives of the bride and groom, as well as the families of both sides, and the candle will be ignited by the mother, friend or child of both sides.

At this time, the bride and groom will ignite the candles of marriage from the candles that have been ignited, representing their life from now on.
Finally, the bride and groom will have to ignite the candle in the middle, symbolizing their life as one. When the candle in the middle of the candle is lit, the candles nearby continue to ignite, symbolizing that they still need to fully embrace the different characteristics of each other in order to benefit each other from achievement.