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The history and evolution of European Candle Holder

The presence of candlesticks in Europe began about the 10th century AD. At that time only to install candles and grease candle lighting, so most of the single branch, the production is also very simple, most of the material used silver texture, or coated with a layer of gold. Usually, the shape of the candlestick is composed of three parts cast: candle table, handle and base, three parts welded together, and then decorated by all kinds of patterns. Until 1740 years later, most candle holders appeared on the candlestick socket, such as tea care generally hold wax tears dripping. 18 years ago, they are directly with a lot of silver casting, which makes them look very heavy. In addition, there are many surprises - such as the 17th century British Civil War, there are a large number of candle holders were confiscated, and then cast into silver coins for war funds. This is also the British 17th century before the candle table is extremely rare reason.

The history and evolution of European Candle Holder

In many centuries, the production process of the candlestick is not much change, but the decoration of the stage with the environment of the artistic style changes and a slight change. Until the eighties and eighties, the social wing silver alloy appeared, the invention of the electroplating process reduced the production cost of the candlestick. Late, the progress of casting technology to make the silver foil in the candle table manufacturing process, the appearance is still silver foil paste, the middle wrapped in metal pipe to increase the strength, while the tube is filled with Paris asphalt and gypsum more Maintain candle stand balance. In the end, the production costs of the candlestick dropped significantly and began to be put into mass production.

At the same time, we are now the kind of multi-stick candle table is also gradually appear in the market. As time goes on, the branches are getting more and more, and in the Victorian period, many candlesticks can even have up to 15 branches. But this gorgeous style eventually due to the emergence of kerosene lamp and lost its practicality, and gradually out of the stage of history. The table candle table decorations produced in the 18th century, the details of the exquisite and rich shape, very ornamental and collection value.