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How to make candle holders | RuixinGlass

How is the factory manufacturing glass candlestick, I believe many people on the production process curiosity, and today we come to explain the glass candlestick production process.

The first is to determine what customers need to shape the glass candlestick, and then is based on customer needs to design the appropriate mold, mold design after several tests after the test, the mold adjusted to the best state, in the arrangement of the factory to produce a few Ten sets or even hundreds of sets of such a mold, and then is ready to plant on the production line.

how to make candle holders

The first step to the candlestick of raw materials into the high temperature furnace inside the solution into liquid, and then the liquid glass into a good mold inside the machine or artificial blow out the corresponding shape.

Modeling production will go through a series of processing, such as frosted, spray color, gold-plated, and the like to produce products that customers need products